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Career Counselling & Guidance

Career counselling is so vital especially at the senior level, as this is the time when the youngsters need to start thinking about their future careers, which needs a lot of focus and mature thinking, and unfortunately this is also the time when they are going through a lot of confusions and emotional upheavals. Each one is trying to find his/her identity while at the same time trying not to be the odd one out .Our Educators try to understand what motivates each student as well as his or her skills and desires and help them plan for their future career accordingly.

The Tagore .Counselling services include career counselling, career guidance talks, strategy and intervention planning, training, information sharing on student related issues, forums and campaigns.

Career guidance starts at secondary level. At this stage students are encouraged to learn about and get information of various job profiles, which helps them to develop an awareness of the world of work. The next stage is in class X when the student gets to know about his/her aptitude and becomes aware of his interests and skills. This helps him/her to decide which subjects to take up at the Higher Secondary, so as to be able to pursue the career of his/ her choice. Reputed career counsellors and Mentors are invited to the campus to speak and find the hidden talents and dreams of senior level girls and boys. These kinds of interactions are appreciated both by the students and the parents. We understand that parents have enormous expectations from their wards which our team here understands well and are suitably equipped to handle and advise them on the right course to take.

From Grade VI onwards IIT-JEE, NEET coaching has been integrated with day-to-day lessons and constant practice tests too are conducted.


Personal Counselling

School faculty are always on hand to offer support and advice whether in academic, emotional or other areas and a system of mentoring and guidance provided by staff ensures our students make the right choices.

A class teacher  every day morning to find out children who need academic or emotional support. Such children are personably attended and suitable counselling is provided by the competent people in the school. Through these counselling sessions learning disabilities are also diagnosed and class teachers discuss such issues with other educators and develop suitable teaching and learning strategies for such children. Soft skill, value education, sex education and emotional intelligence trainings are also well integrated with the curriculum to help the students to cope challenging situations in their life.